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On-Demand: SIG Talk: IT Operations - ITSMA/ Hybrid Cloud Management

Duration:1 hr/s 0 min/s
Agenda/Description:Vivit launches its first ever IT Operation Management (ITOM) SIG Talk event. We have 3 speakers who will give you insights in the ITSMA Containers Concept and migration into the Hybrid Cloud. They will share their knowledge and expertise and provide thought-provoking and actionable content.

Shown below is an outline of the agenda and topics:
  • Speaker: Eric Krueger
    Everything you need to know about the Micro Focus ITSMA Containers Concept: Containers are here and they are the best way to deploy, maintain and upgrade software. What are containers? How are they deployed? How is the software different on containers than traditional platforms? Why did HPE/Micro Focus decide on a containerization approach to their ITSM suite? Tune in and find out why containers are the deployment method of the future and how to transition your existing ITSM suite from your Linux or Windows environment to a Containerized environment.
  • Speakers: Troy Vetter and David Angradi
    A “real” migration into the Hybrid Cloud (HCM, PlateSpin, and Cloud Assess): The Hybrid cloud has either been a unicorn (something beautiful but not real) or a boogey man (something to prevent disruption) in our ecosystem for the last several years. In marketing and static architectures, we have seen a lot of promises, but very little actual progress.
    Hybrid Cloud is becoming more important everyday as nearly all companies are in (or will be in) the public cloud but many of these same companies ‘know’ that they cannot be 100% public. So, the problem we are all trying to solve is how can we provide all the features, functions and automations.
    What will be covered:
    - Building and migrating existing workloads to a Hybrid cloud
    - Use Cloud Assess product to discover and right size
    - Plate spin to move – migrate – in automation
    - Use HCM product for day-to-day management, automation and ITSM control

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